The right loan at the right price
while helping your club with $1,000* payment!

“Clubs have been hit hard in 2020, we have identified a way to give back to the community and at the same time can help their members and friends by assisting with access to the very best home and investment loans. Your nominated club will receive up to $1,000* for any new loan taken out!” Ash Ross – Your Club Loan

“Our experienced Mortgage Brokers provides borrowers with access to over 35 lenders all with one call or click! Our team will assess your specific requirements researches the loan market, and then provides you with the most appropriate lender and loan at the best rate and loan structure possible” Nic Don – Odyssey Financial

Why Your Club Loan

While helping yourself by obtaining the best home or investment loan for your specific requirements, you’re also helping your nominated club with a contribution of up to $1,000* made on your behalf.

Recruit a professional to your team for a great loan deal.
Check out the Odyssey Financial Loan package:

  • 35 + lenders will be competing for your loan
  • Home and Investment loans
  • Have Odyssey tighten the screws on your current lender and save $
  • First Home buyer guidance
  • Investment property advice
  • Free RP Data property or suburb report
  • Loans >$700,000, annual fees will be paid back to you by Odyssey!
  • Investment loans at home loan rates
  • SMSF lending and advice
  • Loan reduction strategies

We will help you find a home loan solution that meets your needs.

Finding a home loan can be a daunting task. We’re here to make the process simple. Our goal is to find you a home loan solution that meets your expectations. With so many products in the market, at varying interest rates, terms, and account types, it can be easy to accept the first home loan on offer.

But you can do better – especially with us

We strongly advise borrowers to seek various options as small details or variations can lead to thousands of dollars in savings or avoid future problems. Finding a loan can be time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. More and more Australians are using mortgage brokers for this very reason. A mortgage broker’s primary job is to find a range of home loan options to suit your specific needs.

We have a panel of well over 20 large and small lenders who we work with to find a wide range of home loans for people with good credit, average credit, or bad credit.

  • Experience? We’ve got 20 years of it!
  • No face to face appointment required
  • Apply over phone
  • Options? We work with over 35 lenders!
  • Solutions? Prime, near prime and sub-prime options!
  • Income? All types of income, even self-employed!
  • Self-employed home loans
  • Non-conforming home loans
  • Offset home loans

Refinancing made easy

Refinancing is a popular way to save or use your equity for a purchase or investment. The process of mortgage refinancing involves borrowing with a new mortgage which replaces your existing one. So basically, if eligible, you take out a higher mortgage, pay off your existing one, and you keep the balance leftover to achieve whatever goal you have, such as a renovation, buying an investment property, or even a new car.

With so many loan options available to borrowers, refinancing provides the flexibility to access the best products in the market as your lifestyle changes. Our mortgage brokers can help you find a competitive refinance solution, even if you have bad credit, by working with our panel of more than 35 large and small lenders who have home loans of all shapes and sizes.

  • Experience? We’ve got 20 years of it!
  • No face to face appointment required
  • Apply over phone
  • Location? We operate Australia wide!
  • Options? We work with over 35 lenders!
  • Solutions? Good credit or bad credit – we’ll help!
  • Income? All types of income, even self-employed!

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How does Odyssey pay your club $1,000?

Banks and lenders pay Mortgage Brokers a commission which is a variable cost as opposed to paying for an employee which is fixed. From this we pay a portion back to support your club. It’s a win / win for everyone.

Why use Odyssey Financial?

We really care about the outcome of your loan application and will do everything we can to ensure your loan is correctly structured with the lowest rates that will suit you, and cater for your requirements. We have helped Australians find great finance for over 20 years and have won countless awards for service excellence! We work closely with our panel of over 20 lenders, including large banks, second tier banks and smaller lenders. Each lender has their own niche’s and specialties. As an Odyssey client you have access to our vast knowledge and expertise all with one phone call, and at no cost!

What types of lending can Odyssey assist with?

We can assist you with loans for First Home buyers, to investors wanting to buy an investment property, or a home owner wanting to upgrade to their next home. We finance many beach and holiday homes for existing clients and business premises for business owners. Apart from property financing our team can assist with car loans, equipment loans, SMSF lending and personal loans.

Can I refinance and use my equity for other things?

Yes! Many of our clients’ refinance to access the equity in their home. You can often use some of your equity to make a purchase such as an investment property, dream holiday, new car or even as a cash release. Equity is calculated by working out the difference between the value of the property and the amount still owing.

Can I refinance for a lower rate?

Yes! Home loan products, rates and discounts change frequently, sometimes daily, and many of our clients choose to refinance to access a lower rate or a product that might suit them better. For example, refinancing to a loan with a reduced interest rate can lead to significant savings in repayments and the term of the loan. Ask your Odyssey Broker to calculate your savings!

Can I refinance to consolidate my debts?

Yes, this can be a useful strategy. When you have multiple debts, personal loans, car loans and credit cards, refinancing your home loan to access equity can be an option to help reduce the financial pressure. Refinancing to consolidate debts also allows you make one repayment, instead of multiple, and can help you take positive steps towards more financial freedom.

Why use a mortgage broker as opposed to going to a bank directly?

Over 60% of all loans in Australia are facilitated by Mortgage Brokers due to a number of reasons. Brokers offer a personalized service which is often hard to find when you deal with a bank. Even try to speak to the same person again at the bank is near on impossible. When you apply directly with the bank how do you know that you are getting the best rate possible? Will the bank let you know that their competitor across the road has a lower rate? No! Then how can Banks say that they will actin in your best interest? When you work with a broker, you benefit because your broker will help you compare loans from different types of banks, big and small. Brokers also have the inside knowledge and experience to inform you which loan will give you the best chance of getting approved.

All banks have different rules when it comes to lending. Some are stricter than others. Your broker can provide you with information about which banks suit your unique circumstances better.


Find out why over 60% of Australians use a mortgage broker, and why Odyssey is one of Australia's leading brokers. The benefits will be compelling.

  • Simple and easy process
  • Negotiating the best rates for your situation
  • Ensuring you secure the best deals and most appropriate structure
  • Multiple options all under one roof
  • Let us even get a better deal from your current bank

Other Services that Odyssey can Assist you with

  • Financial Planning and investment advice
  • Self-Managed Super Funds
  • Platform Super Funds
  • Life Insurance advice
  • Property Investment- made easy


“Odyssey Financial is proud to support clubs and organisations by providing their members, families and friends with market leading home and investment loans and other financial services” Nic Don – Managing Director Odyssey Financial

*$300 is paid for loans <$400,000, $500 for loans up to $1,000,000 and $1,000 for loans >$1,000,000.
All credit activities are carried out under Odyssey Financials Credit licence #ACL 389765.